Nyst Legal Establishes a Brisbane Presence

Nyst Legal is recognised as one of Queensland’s leading criminal and regulatory law firms. Whilst we have been based on the Gold Coast for the past four decades we have always practised extensively in all Brisbane courts, as well as those in other metropolitan and regional centres throughout Queensland and New South Wales. We have [...]


It seems like people can always find something to fight about, even at Christmas time. I guess that's why most lawyers love January so much. After a week or so of full-on festivity, soaking up the ho-ho-ho’s in the sweltering summer sun, cooped up with the ever-loving spouse and those dear sweet visiting in-laws, eating [...]

December 22nd, 2016|Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Opinion, Politics|


When couples are separating, and negotiating who gets what from the joint property pool, pets (most frequently dogs and cats) are often front and centre in the equation. Usually, the parties are able to negotiate an informal, mutually-acceptable agreement as to custody of their four-legged friends. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes formal orders [...]

September 22nd, 2016|Family Law, Pets|


We work all our lives to create a nest-egg that will hopefully sustain us comfortably in our retirement, and in this day and age most of us jealously consider our superannuation investments to be our own precious, private nest-egg. To some extent it’s true. Superannuation funds are held in trust, and therefore they can't generally [...]

April 15th, 2016|Family Law|


In the mid-1960’s around 10% of all Australian marriages ended in divorce. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies today that figure has ballooned to around 40%. Relatively little is known about de facto relationships, but their rates of failure are estimated to be even higher. Sadly, marriage breakdown has become a growth industry. [...]

March 11th, 2016|Family Law|


Family law disputes often involve haggling over tens or hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property, sometimes even more. With that much money at stake, things can get nasty. But without doubt the most bitter family law battles of all invariably are not the ones that concern dollars and cents, but the ones that [...]

January 28th, 2016|Family Law|


Next Monday, when Nyst Legal officially re-opens its doors for 2016, we will have the pleasure of welcoming aboard an exciting new addition to our professional ranks. Gisele Reid is a promising young lawyer who will join us this year to practise in the fields of Family Law, Civil Litigation and Migration Law. Born and [...]

January 9th, 2016|Family Law, Migration|


If you're thinking of sharing your bed with someone sometime soon, it might be best to stop and think about precisely what you may be signing up for. Since 1 March 2009 the Family Law Act has applied not only to married couples, but also to people living together in a de facto relationship. That means you don't [...]

March 30th, 2015|Family Law|


It’s high time for good men to stand up and do something about domestic violence. Last year domestic violence was the leading cause of death and injury in women under 45 in this country. It reportedly accounted for 40 per cent of police time, and cost the economy $13.6 billion. The Easter period alone marked the [...]

February 26th, 2015|Criminal Law, Family Law|


They say money can't buy happiness, but most of us are willing to give it a shot. Australians spend billions of dollars every year on lottery tickets, hoping to hit pay-dirt. Unfortunately, even if we strike it rich, getting our hands on it is one thing, but keeping it is another. There are plenty of [...]

October 23rd, 2014|Family Law|