Are pre-nuptial agreements legally binding?
Gisele Reid, Family Lawyer, explains the importance of getting this right.

If I split with my partner, what should I do about our joint property? Hear from Chris Nyst on what you need to know.

Thinking of separating?
Gisele Reid, Family Lawyer, explains what you need to know.


Nyst Legal is home to passionate and experienced family lawyers who understand the financial and emotional burden that family disputes can inflict on all involved. We know that at this difficult time you need clear, honest, and reliable advice that will give you the ability to make informed and confident decisions on your family’s future.

We deliver swift and effective solutions for our clients, enabling them to move on with their lives as quickly, painlessly, and cost-effectively as possible. Our family lawyers are committed to delivering sensible outcomes, without the unnecessary costs that are sometimes generated by “emotional lawyering”.

Whether you are entering a new relationship, separating, getting divorced, or have a family property or parenting dispute, Nyst Legal has the knowledge and expertise to identify your needs and provide you with clear, accurate, and sensible advice. We will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our team of expert family lawyers also advise on Domestic Violence matters including protection orders and court proceedings associated with them.

Advocating For You

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast family lawyers will always make you and your family’s best interests the priority when working on your matter. We aim to protect, guide and champion families facing sometimes very destructive legal issues.

To ensure the optimum solution for you and your family, our lawyers gather vital evidence, prepare necessary documentation, negotiate and advocate on your behalf. We are trained and equipped with excellent interviewing and interpersonal skills that allow us to communicate and empathise with you, in order to address and alleviate your fears and your concerns, and our family lawyers consistently apply exceptional negotiating skills, a strong and practical approach to problem-solving, and sound judgment, when dealing with legal family issues in and out of court.

You can rely on our Gold Coast and Brisbane family lawyers to fight for your rights and work tirelessly to achieve for you the very best available outcome.

Know your Family Law property rights.
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When any marriage or de facto relationship ends the respective interests of each of the parties need to be formally settled between them. Divorce and property settlements are two very different things in Australia. You do not need to be separated for a certain period of time to organise a property settlement. However, even when there is no dispute about who should get what, it is advisable to legally formalise the settlement of your property interests when you part company. The reason for this is that the Family Law Act itself does not recognise informal property arrangements. By law a mutual agreement does not determine your respective property rights. It’s vitally important that the agreement is formalised. The best way to do that is by way of a formal order of the Family Court or a Binding Financial Agreement. Provided the required documents are comprehensively prepared and deal with all of the respective matters, they’ll finally settle and dispose of all mutual financial interests between the parties and ensure there’s no lingering potential for either party to make a claim in the future.

Make sure you know your Family Law property and financial rights. Call  07 5509 2400 to book your free 30-minute consultation to review your property and financial interests.

As a client of Nyst Legal, you can expect our family lawyers to:

  • Clearly explain legal and non-legal issues, the relevant law and how it applies to you.
  • Identify the options available to resolve your matter and provide expert opinion to achieve such resolution.
  • Be readily available to assist you promptly and efficiently.

At our initial conference we will offer you general preliminary advice identifying the likely pathway to resolution of your matter. You will leave the initial meeting with a clear understanding of how you may resolve your issues, and the likely costs involved.

Our family lawyers, based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, advise on separation and divorce proceedings covering the full range of issues arising from these matters including:-


  • Property settlements and mediation
  • Identifying and valuing net property
  • Assessing contributions
  • Injunctions to preserve property
  • Alterations of property interests
  • Property settlement calculation
  • Enforcement of property orders
  • Transactions to defeat claims
  • Bankruptcy
  • Creditor and other third parties

Spousal (including De Facto) Maintenance

  • Establishing claims
  • Declaration about existence of de facto relationships
  • Urgent maintenance orders
  • Lump sum orders
  • Specification of spousal maintenance component of property orders
  • Cessation of spousal maintenance


  • Parenting disputes
  • Living arrangements
  • Parenting arrangements and orders
  • Dispute Resolution and mediation
  • Court Applications
  • Breach of Parenting Orders
  • Recovery and location of children

Financial Agreements

  • Prenuptial issues
  • Issues arising during marriage/de facto relationships
  • Post marital disputes

Domestic Violence

Child Support Arrangements

  • Calculation of maintenance formulae
  • Periodic and non-periodic child support
  • Child support agreements
  • Court Orders
  • Court declarations


Divorce and Property Settlement – What do you need to know? Gisele Reid explains.

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