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Our Criminal, Traffic and Corporate Regulatory Division is headed up by Director Chris Nyst who is recognised as one of Australia’s most experienced criminal lawyers.

Queensland Criminal Lawyers - Gold Coast and Brisbane.

If you have been charged with a criminal, traffic or another regulatory offence, you should immediately seek the help of the best legal team available to handle your case. There are many Brisbane and Gold Coast criminal lawyers, but we believe that none can give you more competent defence advice and service than Nyst Legal. We will work tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome.


Not everyone is an expert, although many may claim to be, and not everyone brings the same level of competence, experience, and commitment to their work. Choosing the wrong criminal lawyer, especially when facing serious offences, can have severe consequences for you and your loved ones. So, ask around. Speak to people who know – former clients, members of the judiciary, the Queensland Law Society, and the Bar Association. If you do, you will find that in the field of criminal law, and particularly in providing significant legal support for serious crime defences, the reputation of Nyst Legal is unsurpassed anywhere in Queensland.


Widely recognised as “the criminal lawyer to get when things get serious” Chris Nyst has built a national reputation acting for a veritable Who’s Who of corporate and other high-profile clients. He and his criminal defence team represent clients throughout Australia in criminal courts, commissions of inquiry, Royal commissions, and investigative hearings of bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Crime Commission (ACC), and the various state crime and corruption tribunals.


Our criminal lawyers based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast are on hand to provide you with first class legal representation. Criminal law is an area that requires experience, ability, tactical nous and plenty of hard work. Instructing lawyers that are not up to the job may prove disastrous for you or for your business.


If you have been charged with a criminal or any other regulatory offence, you should immediately seek the help of the best legal team available to handle your case. Among Brisbane and Gold Coast lawyers, we believe that none can offer more competent defence advice and service than Nyst Legal. We will work tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome for those facing criminal, traffic, or driving offences.


Our highly regarded criminal lawyers provide cost-effective, tactical and sensible advice to anyone or any business facing a criminal, traffic or regulatory offence.

Nyst Legal’s criminal lawyers provide assistance in all criminal offences and Corporate Regulatory matters, including:

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Nyst Legal’s criminal lawyers also provide assistance in relation to all traffic offences, including:

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With a legacy of legal excellence spanning more than five decades, Nyst Legal brings experience you can trust. Our dedicated team has the clout and commitment to provide expert legal solutions tailored to your needs. Your success is our priority.



Our team members are focused on achieving the very best possible result we can for all our clients. We love what we do and, for that reason, we do it very, very well.



We bring together a diverse group of lawyers and trusted external consultants, with expertise across multiple disciplines, to ensure we identify the very best possible result for you, and give you the very best chance of achieving it.



We value our ability to communicate with and assess the needs of our clients, whatever may be their background, status or position in life. We listen attentively to every client, strive to accurately understand their problem, identify their achievable goal, and work hard to deliver the right solution for them.

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