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MamaM!a True Crime Conversations with Chris Nyst


September 1, 2022

ABC Radio Conversations Chris Nyst


Sarah Kanowski, Presenter

August 4, 2022

Nyst Legal Inside Gold Coast Feature Aug 2022


August 3, 2022

Nyst Legal GC Bulletin Feature July 2022


July 1, 2022 BY SAM STOLZ

Top criminal lawyers of the Gold Coast Part I: Chris Nyst talks why the Gold Coast attracts a cast of colourful crooks, his books, films and more. 


Autumn 2021 Edition 

Q & A with Brendan Nyst


Peter Gleeson | 31/01/2019 

Solicitor Chris Nyst says Pauline Hanson should never have gone to jail

Ocean Road Magazine - When Nyst Met Gloftis


GREG PRIDE | 07/10/2019 

When Nyst Met Gloftis

Chris Nyst's rich career involves more than prominent criminal cases

by ABC RADIO | Evenings with Kelly Higgins-Devine


Issue 22 PAGES 24-31
GREG PRIDE | 05/01/2016 

Criminal Mind

Gold Coast criminal lawyer Chris Nyst has handled some of Australia's most high profile cases over his 40 year career.  He has represented Brenden Abbott (The Postcard Bandit), serial con-man Peter Foster, and many other 'colourful' characters.  But away from the courtroom, he's also a celebrated fiction author too.  Chris joined presenter Kate O'Toole for a conversation about his career, some stories involving those colourful characters, and where he draws inspiration from for his crime fiction novels.


Kate O’Toole, Presenter

September 18, 2022

Courier Mail A Town Like Malice Feature


August 23, 2022

Blank Gold Coast Feature August 2022


August 22, 2022

Ocean Road Magazine July 2022 Chris Nyst Millen


July 13, 2022   

Millen by Chris Nyst


In the isolated outback town of Millengarra, a young man is found bashed to death.
When his house-mate – an out-of-work drover – is charged with murder, the investigation goes to hardened Brisbane detective Dave Hocking, a career cop facing corruption charges that threaten his job, his liberty, and his very identity.
In Millen, he finds a damaged community, held together by a fragile web of deceit. Struggling for redemption, the veteran detective uncovers a town’s shame, and his own, as lies are exposed, and dark secrets unearthed.
The third book in the Eddie Moran Series, following Gone, and Crook as Rookwood.
Cop This by Chris Nyst

Cop This!

In 1969 a home-made bomb explodes in the sleazy heart of Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, killing eleven people and igniting a controversy that could threaten the government itself. When small time criminal Johnny Arnold is charged, his fight for justice sets two men – father, then son – on a collision course with the state’s most powerful men. Nyst’s powerful tale of corruption, idealism and personal courage, spans two decades of dark political intrigue and sensational courtroom drama. Chris Nyst is a top Queensland criminal lawyer. this is his first novel and he draws on his high profile career to weave a tale of treachery and double dealing in Australia’s north. A powerful and original debut work from an author with many books to come.
Gone by Chris Nyst


On a hazy summer’s morning in 1965, nine-year-old Michael McCabe and his four-year-old sister, Catherine, kiss their mother goodbye and set off to the beach. they never return. As a junior constable, Bill Keliher was there when the McCabe kids went missing. Now, still enslaved by the mystery thirty years later, the respected senior police inspector will be there when the riddle is solved … Gripping crime realism from the bestselling legal-eagle author of Cop this! ∗ Anyone who reads Grisham will want to read Gone ∗ Highly promotable local author ∗ Will appeal to fans of popular fiction and the legal thriller market ∗ Quality fiction
Crook As Rookwood by Chris Nyst

Crook As Rookwood

‘Sydney noir meets John Grisham’ – Australian Bookseller and Publisher In an inner suburb of Sydney, a pensioner is bashed in his own home. An old Labor Party stalwart loses the faith and goes looking for someone to blame. And a young woman called Slick finds an unsettling connection between the death of her ex-husband and her new boss. When Gold Coast lawyer, Eddie Moran, comes to Sydney to look after Slick’s interests after the death of her ex, he finds a simple drug overdose isn’t so simple after all. It’s not just the crooked cops, it’s the strong whiff of a deal being done higher up and well offstage. From sleazy Sydney backstreets to the new-money glamour of the Gold Coast …

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