Drug Offences

If you have been charged with possession, supply or trafficking of drugs, you should immediately seek the help of the best legal team available to handle your case .

In Queensland, penalties for drug offences range from relatively minor fines to lengthy jail terms, depending on the circumstances of the case and the drug involved.

Possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use are normally dealt with by a Magistrate, and typically attract a small fine in the hundreds of dollars, unless you have a number of prior convictions for drug offences, in which case the penalty may be more substantial.

If there is any suggestion of supply, sale or other commercial dealing in drugs, you may be charged with more serious offences which must be dealt with in the District or Supreme Court before a judge. More serious drug offences often attract a jail term upon conviction. In some circumstances that jail term can be wholly or partially suspended.

What constitutes drug possession?

To be convicted of possession of drugs you do not need to be physically holding the drug. If you are exercising control over the drug, for example, if it is stored somewhere by you, at your house, even if the drugs are not owned by you, that is enough to constitute possession by you. In order to have control over a drug, however,  you need to have knowledge that the drug is in your possession. If someone has hidden drugs in your house and you are not aware that they have done so, then you are not in possession of those drugs.

Are fake drugs illegal?

What is the drug diversion program?

Can I be charged if someone leaves drugs at my house?

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