Brendan Nyst

Dispute Resolution & Litigation,Commercial, Corporate & Property, Wills & Estates and Complex Family Law Property Disputes

Crafting a precise legal strategy and adapting with agility to secure a favourable and financially sound resolution – that's my definition of 'victory' in litigation.

Brendan Nyst

Brendan completed a Bachelor of Business degree with the University of Queensland before relocating to the United Kingdom to work with a London based international marketing and public relations company. In 2009 he returned to Australia , where he obtained a post-graduate Juris Doctor degree.

Brendan Nyst heads the Dispute Resolution and Litigation and Commercial, Corporate and Property teams at Nyst Legal conducting civil and commercial litigation at all levels in all state courts, as well as in the federal jurisdiction. His clientele includes many state-wide and national entities. He has a broad experience in representing individual clients, particularly in the fields of plaintiff defamation, contract dispute, shareholder disputes and estate litigation. He also has experience navigating Family Law property disputes involving family businesses.

Brendan works closely with Special Counsel John Ellis on a range of major commercial and property transactions, and has broad knowledge and experience in property and front-end commercial work.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Juris Doctor
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
  • Member of the Queensland Law Society

Successfully resolved commercial disputes involving various high-profile corporate entities including but not limited to Freechoice Australia, Ladbrokes, Highgrove Trading, LifeFlight Australia and L & F Transfers.

Acted in a number of high-profile defamation disputes, several of which are now important precedents within the area of defamation in Queensland.

Guided numerous complex Intellectual property disputes for established companies such as Brandpoint Pty Ltd and Spectrum Homes Pty Ltd.

Represented Brendan Abbott in his successful Supreme Court Appeal against the Queensland Parole Board.

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