Category: Compliance Law

With Schoolies 2016 and the Christmas silly season soon upon us, licensed premises owners, staff and patrons will need to brush up on Queensland’s new liquor laws if they don't want to wind up on the wrong end of a hefty fine.
In Australia we have some of the strictest telemarketing laws in the world and we need to. I’m sure everyone who reads this blog has received a telemarketing call at some stage or another from someone in India, the Philippines or even South Africa.
With Census Night just around the corner everyone is suddenly talking about Privacy. And so they should be. One of my pet hates is being interrupted midway through Friday Night Football to take a call from some company, usually the bank complaining I haven’t paid my credit card on time, and then being asked, for PRIVACY REASONS, a long list of questions to make sure I’m the person THEY CALLED!!! ARGHHHH!!!