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As usual, this week the big news is breaking first right here on the Nyst Legal blog. And it doesn't get much bigger than this. Australia may boast the beautiful Ballina’s big Big Prawn, Coffs Harbour’s iconic Big Banana, and our own sunny Woombye’s Big Pineapple, but when it comes to being the biggest, who else but those dirty rotten Yanks would try to outdo everyone at Christmas time? This week the thriving metropolis of Sedalia, in the heart of Pettis County, Missouri, unveiled perhaps its proudest achievement – a 177 feet tall red-and-white sock it hopes will officially become the world's biggest ever Christmas stocking. City leaders proudly announced this wonder weighs a whopping 372 kilos, is 22 metres wide, and about 2 metres longer than its relatively puny predecessor in the Italian city of Carrara. Who knew anyone in Italy would have time to knit a 50 metre sock?