After a long hiatus, Chris Nyst has returned to crime fiction writing with his latest novel, Millen.

It is a gripping legal thriller that features the same irrepressible Gold Coast lawyer, Eddie Moran, who featured in Chris’ previous two critically-acclaimed novels – Gone, which was shortlisted for the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award, and Crook as Rookwood, which won the prestigious Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction in 2006.


Millen - a book by Chris Nyst

I had the wicked pleasure of reading Millen over Christmas, and I struggled to put it down. Chapters often ended with a compelling cliff-hanger, which had me reading on into the next chapter before I realised.

Chris tells me the inspiration for this latest novel was drawn from a murder case he worked on in the late 1980s in outback Queensland, a little tidbit that made it even more interesting reading for me. Set in the immediate aftermath of the tumultuous Fitzgerald Inquiry, Millen cuts a cracking pace, and has already been very well received. It garnered a five-star review from Amazon Readers Favourite, who described it as “… a complex and nuanced mystery,” and Ocean Road Magazine assured its readers it “… will keep crime fiction fans spell-bound from first page to last.”

I hope you will enjoy it every bit as much as I did.


In the isolated outback town of Millengarra, a young man is found bashed to death.

When his housemate – an out of work drover – is charged with murder, the investigation goes to hardened Brisbane detective Dave Hocking, a career cop facing corruption charges that threaten his job, his liberty, and his very identity.

In Millen, he finds a damaged community, held together by a fragile web of deceit. Struggling for redemption, the veteran detective uncovers a town’s shame, and his own, as lies are exposed, and dark secrets unearthed.

Erin Steward
CEO, Nyst Legal

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