I see Councillor Susie Douglas is leading the charge with the Gold Coast Community Alliance to fight the proposed cruise ship terminal. There’s certainly a lot of interest from locals on both sides of the fence.

Cruise Ship Terminal

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The project would undoubtedly have a dramatic impact on our town, but would the impact be for better or for worse? I’m no expert on any of it, but I can’t help wondering whether some of the resistance to the proposal is just about a kind of ‘fibro beach shacks’ nostalgia for our town that many of us are still hanging on to, and that eventually we’re going to have to let go. Change is always tough, but let’s face it, today’s Gold Coast isn’t the sleepy seaside town we all once knew and loved.

Still, judging from comments made by Rob Molhoek at a recent Southport Chamber of Commerce function, perhaps those of us with a hankering for the ‘good old days’ don’t have much to worry about anything happening any time soon. The local members report suggests the project is still a long way off becoming a reality, with many thorny questions still to be answered, including the cost of dredging and the environmental impact of the project.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops from here. Watch this space.

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